Olympic mares and sensational stallions form the basis of latest Global Dressage Auction!

Ellis Hengst

Global Dressage Auction: 62,000 euros for unborn foal out of daughter Weihegold OLD

The year has started very well for Global Dressage Auction. The absolute top seller of the exclusive embryo auction was the unborn foal by Ellis out of the daughter of Weihegold OLD. For a whopping 62,000 euros, this embryo leaves for Denmark.

“This is really a fantastic start to the auction year of Global Dressage Auction. A year ago we just started this auction platform and we could only dream of such a result. The goal is to make the best dressage genes available and to market them internationally, and we have succeeded once again!”, responds a very satisfied Koos Poppelaars.

It remained exciting for a long time, several bidders from Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Colombia and America were aiming for the unborn foal of Ellis out of Aweih (by Apache), the daughter of Weihegold OLD. The final bid of 62,000 euros came from the Danish Lone Bøegh Henriksen, owner of HP Horses. She invested in this very exclusive embryo. “We have already had so much success with this damline. So we are extremely happy with this purchase”, she said.

Ellis Hengst

Lots of top stallions including GLOCK’s Toto Jr., Vitalis and Vivaldi were sold successfully as well. A total of nine of the thirteen embryos went for 10,000 euros or more. The average auction price is no less than 16,000 euros. There were buyers from the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, France and Sweden. The frozen embryos were less popular, receiving no bids.

The Global Dressage Auction team is already looking ahead after a successful evening. Three more auctions are planned for this year. More information will follow soon.

Global Dressage Auction: Start bidding on impressive embryo collection

Would you like to welcome a top dressage foal in your stables this spring? A foal with an exceptional pedigree? Take your chance and invest in an embryo via Global Dressage Auction. Thirteen embryos, including two frozen embryos, are compiled in this collection.

Returning buyer since the first auction Roos van Schaik is one of the satisfied customers. “The reason I bought an embryo via Global Dressage Auction is that I do not possess a broodmare out of such an exquisite damline. Mares like those are rare and hard to get your hands on. It then pays off to invest in an embryo.”

“Simply really good”
I am convinced it is financially more attractive to buy an embryo rather than breeding a foal with such a pedigree yourself, let alone finding such a mare first. Last year, I was quite impressed how the collection was presented on the auction website. There was abundant information available about each embryo and all terms and conditions, insurance or not, were clearly laid down. This sent a message of confidence, and they truly lived up to the expectations. There were no surprises, the way this auction is organised is simply really good. The current collection also looks promising.”

From Weihegold to Sandro Hit
Several highlights in this collection are an embryo by Escolar-son Ellis out of the daughter of Weihegold OLD, an embryo by Vitalis x Totilas whose granddam is the full sister of Sandro Hit, an embryo of Jameson RS2 out of the sister of Desperados FRH, two embryos that have a granddam that is the full sister of Parzival and what about an embryo by Vivaldi out of the full sister of GLOCK’s Romanov and Rubin Royal or an embryo by Dante Weltino out of the half-sister of GLOCK’s Johnson?

Growing demand
A total of thirteen genetically appealing embryos are offered for sale, among them two frozen embryos. The man in charge of the selection, Koos Poppelaars, is again more than pleased with the collection. “People can come to us for the right genetic makeup. Not any genes, but the best and most compelling dressage genes. And there is a growing demand for these genes. The best foals are often sold to stud owners directly after, or even prior to, birth. That is why it is interesting to invest in an embryo, plus the buyer does not have to wait for an entire year for the foal to be born.”

Bidding closes Sunday
Placing a bid on your favourites is possible until Sunday night, January 23rd. From 20.00hrs onwards, the auction closes. Are you hesitant to put in a bid or are you not sure how it works exactly? Watch the instruction video below.

Stallion Desperados

Sensational embryo collection full of genetic gems

Unborn foal by GLOCK’s Total US top lot at Global Dressage Auction

Last night the online auction of the Global Dressage Auction ended. Many international customers placed their bids at the auction platform. The top lot was an unborn foal by GLOCK’s Total US x Negro which was sold to Germany for EUR 22,000.

The collection, which consisted of 15 foals and 2 unborn foals, received bids from countries including France, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia, Israel, Norway and Austria. The most expensive foal was a filly by Fynch Hatton x Don Juan de Hus which came into Dutch hands with an auction price of EUR 18,000. The average selling price of the lots sold was EUR 10.800,-. The organization can therefore look back on a successful evening with many satisfied breeders and buyers.

Koos Poppelaars about the 4-day auction: “It is nice to see that there is so much international interest for our strong dressage horse breeding. We see it as a big advantage that we can sell breeding products from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands in our auction. We can make the best bloodlines available for our buyers by selecting outside the Netherlands. We are already looking forward to our next edition.”

Fynch Hatton x Don Juan de Hus - Draf - 6655

Most expensive foal Raspoetin-K van Kattenheye (Fych Hatton x Don Juan de Hus) was sold for EUR 18,000.-


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