Global Dressage Auction guarantees the world’s most interesting collections when it comes to dressage foals, unborn dressage foals and frozen embryos.

Wherever you may be situated in the world, our goal is to make the best genetic dressage material accessible to you through a transparent online auction. If you would like to view such a large number of quality foals in person, it would take you months to do so. Finding out what will be born, traveling to many breeders: it is a time-consuming job.

Because of our excellent international dressage network you’ll find very interesting future dressage horses, all in one place.

From finding the dressage talents to the bidding and buying in our online auction: we have listed all reasons why you can buy at Global Dressage Auction with confidence:

  • Outstanding International Network

    Our team works non-stop on progressive, international collections. We do this together with experts who represent us from countries that are market-leaders in dressage horse breeding.

  • Certified Online Auction

    Our auction website is certified and meets all governmental requirements when it comes to privacy. We guarantee that your data are safe.

  • We have done all the work for you

    To make sure that you can bid without any hesitation, we fully investigate every auction lot before it is taken into auction. Renowned experts have assessed and approved the lots in terms of pedigree and veterinary matters.

  • Transparency in costs

    You don’t like surprises. Neither do we. That’s why we beforehand clearly communicate about our costs. This way you will know exactly what the foal or embryo from our auction collection will cost you. You can read all about it in the auction conditions.

This is what it costs


As the buyer of a lot, you pay us 10% on the purchase price. This is regardless of whether it is a dressage foal, unborn foal or frozen embryo.

If a surrogate mare is involved, we have a separate arrangement. See chapter 32 of our conditions.

When you buy an unborn foal that is carried by the biological mother, you are obliged to insure the foal from the moment of the auction until the delivery of the weaned foal. See point 34 of our conditions.

As a seller you pay us €500,- when the lot is definitively included in our collection plus the following tier

  • 10% on the purchase price up to €15.000,-
  • Plus 15% on the purchase price above €15.000,-

Make your bid, wherever in the world

You may once have attended a traditional foal or embryo auction. A full house with acquaintances from the equestrian world, corner men in suits or tuxedo and a rattling auctioneer full of adrenaline. We understand that this can be found overwhelming and exciting to first-time buyers.

At Global Dressage Auction you can put in your bids on world’s best dressage foals and embryos from the comfort of your own home. You no longer have to leave the house. Making reservations for expensive VIP tables and booking airline tickets is no longer necessary. Online auctioning is the solution.

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