About us

About us

Foals are a precious possession. Embryos are as well. As a breeder you have made every effort to come to a good match between your mare and the stallion of your choice. Also when you take it to auction, it is important that your breeding product ends up at a good home. Good care must be taken and ideally your breeding product will later be successfully produced in sports to strengthen your dam-line. And of course, at the moment you did decide to sell your breeding product, you also prefer to sell it at a good price.

The same applies to buyers. When buying a foal or embryo you also make well-considered choices. It is a purchase that you will enjoy for years to come. Whatever your plans for the future may be, you want value for money. You want a talented, healthy foal that you purchase at an auction that you can rely on blindly.

It is good to know that the team behind Global Dressage Auction has been active on both the buyer’s and the seller’s side for decades. We know from experience what is important to you.

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Team members

Since 2020, our team provides you with the opportunity to become the owner of the world’s most interesting dressage foals and embryos. We would like to introduce our team members to you.

Koos Poppelaars

Koos Poppelaars


Koos Poppelaars combines his knowledge and extensive worldwide network to bring the best foals and embryo’s together in our collections.

Abel Slippens

Abel Slippens


Abel Slippens uses all his management experience to lead our team. His goal is to give both buyers and sellers a good, reliable experience.

Luc van Moorsel

Luc van Moorsel


For Global Dressage Auction, he will use his experience to bring international exposure to the brand.

Our affiliates

To create a bigger reach in the international horse industry, we have a team of affiliates that we work with.

The advantages of Global Dressage Auction

  • Excellent international Network

    Our team works non-stop on international progressive collections. We do this together with experts who are represented in countries that are the market-leaders in dressage breeding.

  • Transparency in costs

    You don’t like surprises. We neither. That is why we communicate clearly about the auction costs in advance. This way you know exactly where you stand.

  • Free submission of lots

    Submitting an auction lot is free. We do not charge any costs to assess your foal/embryo. You pay a registration fee and afterwards a commission over the final bid when your lot is sold through our auction.

  • Certified online auction

    Our auction website is certified and meets all governmental requirements when it comes to your privacy. We guarantee your data is safe.