Selling at Global Dressage Auction

Do you wish to sell your foal or embryo through Global Dressage Auction? Read below what the cooperation with our auction looks like.

How can I become a seller?

In this short hand-out you can read all you need to know to become a seller at our auction. From entering your foal or embryo for assessment to the financial settlement of the sale, we will support you with every step.

When is my foal or embryo suitable to auction with you?

Our experts have earmarked a number of characteristics as really important to determine whether a foal is suitable for our auction. Please let us know what you’ve got for auction and we will respond within 24 hours.

Can I be a seller at Global Dressage Auction?

We can be short on the question who can sell at the online auction? This could be anybody who owns or co-owns a genetically interesting dressage foal, unborn foal or frozen embryo.  No matter if you are a dealer, hobby breeder or professional breeder, you are very welcome to join us.

Through Global Dressage Auction, you reach a large hurray of international buyers interested in dressage horse breeding. No need to load your foal on the trailer for four times and still you take part of world’s most interesting auctions.

How do I sell at Global Dressage Auction?

Good to know: you can always enquire without any obligation.

You can enter your lot by pressing the button below. You need to register yourself upfront. It’s easy and for free.

Your application will be received by co-founder and team-member Koos Poppelaars. It is determined whether your foal / embryo is eligible for one of our auctions. In any case, you will receive a message from us within 48 hours.

In consultation with you, we’ll put together an accurate description of your auction lot. We would like to receive as much significant information about your mare as possible. We combine your information, together with the information from our own research, to an attractive text.

Embryos: If you have a sports photo of the mare, we would like to receive it.

Foals: We will organize photo and video days.

After the auction you will be informed who is the buyer of your lot. The final bid can be viewed on the website. As soon as the buyer has fulfilled his/her obligations, we immediately proceed to settle the finances.

Together with you and the buyer, we determine the most convenient scenario. Because we are an international auction house, buyers may not come from the country where the foal or embryo is located. But don’t worry, we’ll support you in this process.

What are the costs?

As the buyer of a lot, you pay us 10% on the final bid, regardless whether it is a dressage foal, unborn foal or frozen embryo.

If a surrogate mare is involved, we have a separate arrangement. Check our auction conditions.

When you buy an unborn foal that is carried by the biological mother, you are obliged to insure the foal from the moment of the auction until the delivery of the weaned foal. Check our conditions.


As a seller you pay us €500,- when the lot is definitively included in our collection plus the following tier

  • 10% on the purchase price up to €15.000,-
  • Plus 15% on the purchase price above €15.000,-