24 dressage Instagram accounts you must follow!

You probably follow all the famous riders from your own country on Instagram. But did you know that you can also learn a lot from the Instagram feeds of top riders from other countries? Check out our selection below and follow these Instagram accounts of top international dressage riders.

1. Jessica von Bredow Werndl

This German rider and influencer is number 3 on the FEI Dressage World Ranking. On her Instagram feed you can see how she prepares her horses for the big dressage competitions. But also how she works on her own health and fitness as a rider.

2. Dorothee Schneider

On her Instagram account, the German top rider Dorothee Schneider shows her horses, including Showtime FRH, with beautiful photos. She regularly does Q & A’s and answers questions from her followers.

3. Cathrine Dufour

This Danish dressage rider shows on her Instagram how she trains her horses to Grand Prix level in peace. She also shared her marriage proposal with her followers. Besides horses Cathrine also shares fun photos when she goes out!

4. Charlotte Dujardin

Everyone knows this Olympic champion! The British rider who also became two-time world champion with her horse Valegro, always has humor in her posts. In addition to the attention that her sponsors receive, it is also very educational for every dressage enthusiast.

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5. Natalie Oldfors

Besides riding, this Swedish Grand Prix rider also has a lot of knowledge about breeding. With her own breeding product Micky M, she has already taken been competing at the highest level. On her Instagram she tells about her car accident, shows how she trains horses and you get a lot of looks behind-the-scenes at her beautiful accommodation. Beautiful photography!

6. Helen Langehanenberg

The German dressage rider has already won many prizes with her horse Damsey FRH. On her Instragram feed you can see that she is also involved in breeding. She gives some insights of her training and shares how her horses relax in the beautiful stables.

7. Daniel Bachmann Andersen

The Dane shares his busy life as a dressage rider. You can see how he combines his career as a horseman with family life. Sports, riding and sponsors: it all comes along and can be closely followed.

8. Benjamin Werndl

At the top of this list, we already ran into his sister, Jessica. Benjamin is also a successful rider and shares a versatile view of his life on Instagram. His role as a rider, trainer and family man, he shares it all. Educational account to follow!

9. Patrik Kittel

Humor: the account of Swedish dressage rider Patrik Kittel is full of it. Children who sit on robotic mowers, nice captions, but above all: beautiful dressage scenes. Follow Patrik if you enjoy dressage and laughter.

10. Emmelie Scholtens

The Dutch Emmelie Scholtens is not very active on her social media account. But if she shares something, it is great fun: of course with the handsome Desperado, but you can also watch her train at home.

11. Adrienne Lyle

With her horse Salvino, this American rider is 19th on the FEI World Ranking. This woman breathes dressage. Just like her Insta feed. Fun behind the scenes, training rounds and team members: fun to follow!

12. Judy Reynolds

The Irish international dressage rider competed at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. She has established her stable in Germany. From there she runs her dressage stable. On her Instagram you can see nice photos of her in action.

13. Hans Peter Minderhoud

The successful Dutch dressage rider, sponsored by Glock, is European, World and Olympic medallist. His feed is full of beautiful dressage photos. If you want to see Hans Peter in action; then follow his Instagram page.

14. Glock Horse Performance Center

Edward Gal does not have an Instagram account. But if you still want to get a glimpse of him, you could follow this account. Interesting dressage feed in which you can see, among other things, the dog bringing a horse to his stable.

15. Frederic Wandres

Frederic Wandres is stable-rider for Ulrich Kasselmann from the famous Hof Kasselmann in Germany. The rider shows beautiful competition photos and also takes his followers into his daily life. That’s how you can see that they wash carrots in a washing machine!

16. Charlotte Fry

If you want to visit this lady, it is good to know that Charlotte’s nickname is Lottie. This talented British lady works for the Dutch dressage couple Gertjan and Anne van Olst in Den Hout.

17. Carl Hester

The hugely popular British dressage rider Carl Hester has an incredibly funny Insta feed. That’s how we know him! He shares nice photos from the past, his activities as a rider, but also as a trainer. Nice videos!

18. Anne Meulendijks

Horses, lifestyle and beauty: that’s what the followers of the Dutch dressage rider Anne Meulendijks see passing by. Nice channel that fully understands what followers want to see nowadays. Highly recommended!

19. Ingrid Klimke

This lady needs no introduction. Ingrid wants to share her experience with her followers. You can also see nice videos such as a time-lapse of the activities in the stable, rides and tips for dressage enthusiasts!

20. Claudio Castilla Ruiz

If you like Spanish dressage horses then Claudio’s account is highly recommended. This Spanish Olympic dressage rider spoils his followers with beautiful dressage photos and videos.

21. Morgan Barbancon Mestre

The Swiss-based dressage rider lives the dream of every dressage enthusiast. She shows how much she enjoys equestrian sports. With many beautiful photos and videos of her training, a nice account to follow.

22. Maria Caetano

Dressage and family: that’s, if we are to believe her Instagram account, what the life of the Portuguese dressage rider is all about. The international Grand Prix rider shows that she enjoys her sport. The Spanish bred dressage horses dance happily through her feed.

23. Sönke Rotherberger

If you follow Sönke on Instagram you will learn a lot about dressage. Among other things, you can see how he brings in an expert who teaches his horses to passage and piaffe. He and his wife also participate in all kinds of fun challenges.

24. Charlotte Jorst

Charlotte was born in Denmark but competes for America at Grand Prix level. Her followers see a nice combination between work and private life. Lots of horses and beautiful dressage sport, but also many team and family members pass by.