As of today it is possible to bid on the collection of dressage foals, embryos and a broodmare. Our selector Koos Poppelaars has once again managed to select high-quality foals as well as two very interesting and unique embryos.

An embryo out of Victoria (Vitalis x Blue Hors Hotline), the full sister to none other than multi-medal winner Vamos Amigos, will be auctioned. Her exceptional genes are combined with those of two-time world champion and reserve European champion Glamourdale. But it does not stop there. Out of the Grand Prix mare Astrid Sollenburg, an embryo of auction top-seller and Pavo Cup winner Extreme US, is part of the collection.

Beautiful moments
KWPN inspector Floor Dröge trained Astrid Sollenburg (OO Seven x Metall) from the mare performance test EPTM up to Grand Prix, and she still loves this mare. “Already during the EPTM I was impressed by Astrid’s qualities and ‘go’. Then Adri Zekveld gave me the opportunity to train the mare further. We experienced a lot of great moments together from the young horse competitions to eventually the Grand Prix.”

Leading group National Mare Show
In the 10 years Floor rode the mare, Astrid was owned by her breeder: Adri Zekveld. During her sport career, the elite, preferent, prestatie mare had several foals. “After the EPTM, Astrid was covered by Vivaldi, unfortunately that foal later perished in the pasture. In the same summer, she participated in the National Mare Inspection and made it to the leading group. After that, Astrid came to me for sport and was used for breeding via embryo transfer.”

Daughter of Astrid at stable
The fact that Floor still loves Astrid is shown by the fact that she has a daughter out of Astrid at her stables, with whom she breeds a foal every year. “Hera is a daughter by Bretton Woods and has an awful lot of quality. She did a good IBOP test and then she was used for breeding. This year she has her third foal at foot, an Extreme US. At Van Olst is a two-year-old Kjento and last year she also had a foal by Kjento, this foal called Soof was invited to the National Foal Show.”

“Never bred a small one out of her”
When asked what Astrid is like as a broodmare, Floor doesn’t have to think long. “They are very intelligent horses, just really smart. They learn quickly and don’t often make the same mistake. All the horses out of Astrid really have a lot of go and willingness to work. You do have to guide them a bit in that, but they are golden. In addition, Astrid really stamps in the head. When I went to Adrie’s stud farm, I could easily pick out Astrid’s offspring. She really passes on her expression, but also her hardness, health and power of the hind leg. She gives horses with a lot of motor time after time. And, she’s not the biggest in terms of size herself, but she really gives size. We have never bred a small one out of her.”

“That foal is extreme”
The foal Hera currently has at foot is an Extreme US, the same stallion as Astrid’s embryo. “That foal is extreme, really crazy good,” Floor is more than happy. “I find it incredibly nice to see that the same choice was made for Astrid as we made for Hera. We covered Hera back with Extreme and were able to sell this year’s foal well at home.”

The choice for Extreme US
As a KWPN inspector, Floor can explain like no other why she thinks Extreme is a good fit for Astrid. “Astrid, and also Hera, are always ‘on’, with Extreme the blood of Vivaldi adds some resignation. So that there is also an off switch on it from time to time,” Floor laughs. “In addition, Extreme has a very good walk. Astrid’s is active but could have a bit more ground cover, Extreme can definitely add that. In terms of conformation, they match well.” Finally, Floor adds, “I am very curious to see where the embryo will end up, I still enjoy following her offspring and am curious to see what developments they make in the sport.”

Bid along
Bidding on the lots is still possible until Sunday 24 September, when at 20:00 the auction closes. For questions about the collection, please contact Koos Poppelaars: 00316 52 46 64 47. Registering as a bidder is easy and quick, we will also keep you informed of the latest news.