This is what it costs

As the buyer of a lot, you pay us 10% on the purchase price. This is regardless of whether it is a dressage foal, unborn foal or frozen embryo.

If a surrogate mare is involved, we have a separate arrangement. See chapter 32 of our conditions.

When you buy an unborn foal that is carried by the biological mother, you are obliged to insure the foal from the moment of the auction until the delivery of the weaned foal. See point 34 of our conditions.

As a seller you pay us €500,- when the lot is definitively included in our collection plus the following tier

  • 10% on the purchase price up to €15.000,-
  • Plus 15% on the purchase price above €15.000,-

Calculation example seller
Suppose you sell your lot through our auction for €18.000,- You will then pay 10% over the first €15.000,- (€1.500,-) and 15% over the last €3.000,- (€450,-) The added up commission is then €1.950,-. Add to this the €500,- registration fee and your costs for participation are in this case €2.450,-.