Become a Seller

The advantages of selling at Global Dressage Auction

  • Excellent international network

    Our team works non-stop on an progressive international collection. We do this in cooperation with and we are represented by experts from countries that are market-leaders in dressage horse breeding.

  • Transparent cost structure

    You don’t like surprises. We neither. That is why we communicate clearly in advance about our auction costs. This way you know in advance where you stand.

  • Free submission of lots

    Submitting an auction lot is free. We do not charge any costs to assess your foal/embryo. If it isaccepted for auction, you pay a one-off entry fee of € 500,- and commission on the final bid when your lot is sold through our auction.

  • Certified online auction

    Our auction website is certified and meets all governmental requirements when it comes to your privacy. We guarantee your data is safe.

This way you sell your foal or embryo for a good price

Let our experts assess your foal or embryo and determine if it qualifiesfor our auction.

You will receive the positive message that your lothas been accepted for our auction. This is the case when your dressage foal, frozen embryo or unborn foal meets our requirements.

Together with you, we’ll put together an accurate description of your auction lot. We would like to receive as much significant information about your mare as possible. We form your information, together with the information from our own research, into an attractive text.

Regarding the images: in the case of an embryo, we would like to receive a sports photo of the mare if available. When it comes to foals, we will organize photo and video days.

As soon as everything has been correctly entered in our auction system, your lot will be scheduled for the next suitable auction. You will be informed of this. The date your lot will be auctioned depends on several factors. Our experts plan it in a way your lot is auctioned in the most favourable period.
You can of course follow the auction online yourself. Your foal or embryo will be shown to thousands of interested people from all over the world. The highest bid wins.
After the auction we will inform you on who bought your foal or embryo. We collect the money and, after deduction of our auction fee, it will be transferred it to you. We will speak to both you and the buyer about the transport that needs to be arranged.