Global Dressage Auction’s first year: Genes are the future

“We want to differentiate ourselves from others via offering the very best dressage genes for sale on a transparent online platform.” Last year, the Global Dressage Auction was launched with this motto. The first year is now coming to an end and what a year it was! After three auctions it is time to look back and forward with Koos Poppelaars.

“It was a fantastic first year”, starts Koos Poppelaars enthusiastically. “It is great to see how much the embryos are appreciated by our buyers. That’s so cool! In the jumper horse business, online auctions for embryos are booming and common. In the dressage world you see it is up and coming and our auction provides a fitting response. Over the past year a lot of new online auctions popped up, but there are very few auctions that focus exclusively on dressage breeding. From that perspective we hold a strong position, one we are keen to keep but rather expand even further.”

Genetic makeup
“People can turn to us for the right genetic makeup. Not just any genes, but the best and most interesting dressage genes. It is up to Global Dressage Auction to make these genes available to everyone. By doing so, we together take dressage breeding to the next level. Personally, I believe that the future is in solid damlines, predominantly with regards to sport performance. Dressage breeders are becoming more and more aware of sports. The jumpers already traveled down that path and look where that breeding is now. Global Dressage Auction connects the buyer to the best genes, that is our aim.”

What were or are the biggest challenges in the past year? “The greatest challenge is, or was, mostly getting a foothold in a market filled with renowned auctions. The auctions of Global Dressage Auction primarily distinguish themselves by offering embryos, in addition we have worked on the trust of both breeders and customers. Our auctions and results are transparent. Besides trust, transparency and quality, health is also one of our focal points, because we prefer our customers to come back.” When asked if that is already the case, Koos nods in agreement: “We were able to welcome back several buyers in multiple auctions. That is a positive signal, especially for such a young auction. We furthermore see that vendors of an embryo or foal buy an embryo or foal in turn. We also noticed it vice versa and perceive it as proof that we are on the right track.”

Access for everyone
According to Koos it is not surprising that it is difficult for dressage breeders to obtain interesting material. “Extraordinary foals are often sold as soon as they are born, or even before it, to the big studs. By auctioning embryos, you offer everyone access to these excellent genes. We already notice that people know where to find us because of the embryos. Global Dressage Auction wants to establish her name even further and that’s why we organised two foal auctions this year as well; this also helps create brand awareness.”

At times stressful
Koos now also knows that a first auction year is not merely fun. “At times, it is quite stressful”, he laughs. “We are responsible for putting the lots on the market. In the end, an auction is about sales, that’s the reason vendors joined in. We are keen to deliver on that promise and that generates some pressure.” Thanks to a sales percentage of 80% and 22.000 euros for the top selling embryo in the October auction, the organisation certainly made good on their promise.

Looking at the future, there are plenty plans in place, Koos is eager to tell us more about them. “Of course, we continue next year!”, he says without hesitation. “We see so much potential and so many opportunities. For the coming year we are exploring the expansion of our auctions. This includes auctioning young horses, riding horses and broodmares, always combined with embryos. These are still plans for the future, but we are ambitious enough and we want to make optimum use of our auction platform.”

Embryo auction 2022
The preparations for the next auction are in full swing. From the 20th until the 23rd of January bidding on exclusive embryos is open. “We have already selected some amazing embryos! I cannot say too much about it now, but we will lift the veil for you soon. Naturally, people that have an exquisite embryo can notify us. We are looking forward to another fantastic auction year, genes are the future, and we are happy to contribute.”

The Global Dressage Auction is known for auctioning genetically interesting embryos and dressage foals. The next auction is planned on 20-23 January. For questions regarding the selection, please contact us here.