Sensational embryo collection full of genetic gems

The year has only just begun, and the latest collection of Global Dressage Auction has already been launched! Not any collection, one that is exclusively compiled of high-quality dressage embryos! “People can come to us for the right genetic makeup. Not any genes, only the best and most interesting dressage genes”, says Koos Poppelaars.

Desperados FRH, Sandro Hit, Don Schufro, Parzival, Jazz, Johnson, Painted Black. Just a few of the luminaries to whom the embryos are closely related. Because the future of dressage breeding is sport and nothing else. And that’s exactly where Global Dressage Auction comes in.

Pure gems
The direct damline of the embryos are of such high quality. For example, a full sister of Rubin Royal and GLOCK’s Romanov, the three-quarter sister of Jazz, the half-sister of Olympic horses Painted Black and Go Legend, the half-sister of Desperados FRH, the half-sister of GLOCK’s Johnson TN, the full sister of WC-finalist Dorian Grey de Hus and the full sibling of auction top seller Charming Lady. Furthermore, a few embryos are directly related to Olympic Don Schufro, Sandro Hit and Parzival. For a breeder, these are pure gems.

High-quality dressage genes
The maternal lines of the embryos are clearly up to par, but there is also no lack in high-quality dressage genes on the paternal side. World champion Glamourdale is paired with the full sister of Dorian Grey de Hus, Jameson RS2 expects an embryo out of the half-sister of international championship horse Desperados FRH, Vitalis is combined with the granddaughter of Sandro Hit, and we have high expectations for the Vivaldi-embryo out of the full sister of Rubin Royal and GLOCK’s Romanov. And what about Dante Weltino out of the half-sister of GLOCK’s Johnson TN or GLOCK’s Toto Jr combined with the damline of Don Schufro?

Dressage breeding to the next level
Koos Poppelaars is extremely pleased with the collection, and rightly so. “With these genetic combinations, the chance of a good sport horse is more than feasible. It’s up to Global Dressage Auction to make these genes available to everyone. By doing so, we together take dressage breeding to the next level. Personally, I believe that the future is in solid damlines, especially focusing on sport performance. Dressage breeders are becoming increasingly aware of the sport. That’s how it went in jumper breeding and look where they are at now. Naturally, we will do everything in our power to find the right buyers for this quality collection.”

Collection online
In total, the collection consists of 11 embryos, including two frozen embryos, and you can browse through it via the auction platform of Global Dressage Auction. Bidding starts on Thursday, January 20 and the auction closes on Sunday, January 23. Interested? Register yourself as a bidder and stay informed of our auction.

Stallion Desperados