Global Dressage Auction’s second year: From world’s first to world champion

Global Dressage Auction remains the only online auction that exclusively focuses on dressage embryos and foals. And how! The second year of Global Dressage Auction will also go down as a successful one. Together with Koos Poppelaars we reviewed 2022 and look forward to what the coming auction year may bring the dressage enthusiast.

The year kicked off with a world’s first. In the January auction an embryo out of the daughter of Weihegold was sold for 62.000 euros. Never before, had a dressage embryo yielded such a sum of money. In the subsequent auction the embryo out of the Olympic mare Deja became the top seller as it changed hands for 22.000 euros. The Vitalis-offspring Special King R&G emerged as most expensive dressage foal of 2022 at 21.500 euros.

Reach is expanding
“I am so proud of our team, every time we all go the extra mile. You truly notice our reach is expanding, we have many returning clients and breeders, but every auction we reach a new group of people.” World champion Jens Fredricson was one of the people that found his way to the October edition of the auction. “I am thrilled with Skye van ‘t Studutch, she boasts a fantastic pedigree, is a good mover and is beautiful. Simply a foal that has it all”, Jens Fredricson afterwards enthuses about his purchase. The reason he acquired a dressage foal? “When I am done show jumping, I would love to ride and breed with a good dressage horse. I absolutely love the dressage work I do with my jumping horses, so it is time for a dressage horse.”

Growing demand
“It is bizarre how many online auctions there are and are entering the market”, Koos responds when asked about the future of auctions. “Online auctions have become accessible to many people and offer benefits compared to live auctions. Both for the buyers and the organizations. The purpose of auctions is connecting buyers and sellers. If they would no longer succeed in that, there would not be these many auctions. Plus, there is still a growing demand for horses. Especially the better, more interesting horses and we respond to that with Global Dressage Auction.”

Genetic makeup
“People come to us for the genetic makeup. Not any genes, but the best and most renowned dressage genes”, Koos explains. “It is up to Global Dressage Auction to make these genes available for everyone. Together we bring dressage breeding to a higher level. Personally, I believe the future is about solid dam lines, especially taking sport performance into account. Dressage breeders are becoming increasingly aware of sport. They follow the path of the show jumping industry and look where their breeding is at now. Global Dressage Auction connects the buyer with the best genes, that is what we strive for.”

After auctioning embryos and dressage foals, Global Dressage Auction intends to expand their range. “Our vendors posed the question whether it was possible to add broodmares to the auction collection, so that would be one of the newest developments for the coming year. In the end, quality broodmares form the basis of dressage breeding, so it feels like a logical next step for Global Dressage Auction.”

“The success of the auction stands and falls on the trust of our suppliers, bidders, and buyers. I therefore want to express my gratitude towards everyone that is involved in Global Dressage Auction”, Koos Poppelaars concludes. The next auction features a collection of embryos and broodmares and is to take place in February.