Team gold winner Fredericson buys auction topper at Global Dressage Auction

The last auction of this year is over for the Global Dressage Auction team. More than half of the foals sold are headed for a future abroad. Including tonight’s auction topper. Skye van ‘t Studutch leaves for 17,000 euros to the Swedish team gold winner Jens Fredericson.

“I am very happy with this foal, she has a very nice pedigree, can move well and she is handsome. Just a very complete foal”, Jens Fredericson was pleased with his purchase afterwards. The World Champion Jumping appears to have very different ambitions himself. “When I am done with jumping, I would like to have a good dressage horse to ride and to breed with. I really love the dressage work I do with my showjumping horses, so it’s time for a dressage horse.”

Koos Poppelaars is also extremely satisfied with this auction. “We had a very good auction tonight. It’s nice to find out again that we have a very loyal clientele who come back every auction. Also this auction we have welcomed a lot of new bidders and buyers. Remarkable is the number of foals and pregancies that leave for abroad, with several buyers from Germany, a buyer from Italy and then of course Jens Fredericson.”

On average the foals and pregnancies brought nearly 9,000 euros and 75% was sold. The pregnancies scored 100% on sales. “That offers a good perspective for the next auction. That is going to be an auction exclusively with pregnancies and is planned in January”, Koos Poppelaars is already looking ahead.